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Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions bring more than 35 years of experience with the design, troubleshooting, maintenance, service, “hands-on” testing, and commissioning of environmentally responsible, large-scale, signature projects for our sophisticated higher education and primary education clients. Our team of technical professionals works together to devise and implement solutions based on client and market needs.

Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions has a diverse portfolio of more than 750 building commissioning projects, including 125+ LEED or “Green” buildings. Our technical staff consists of Professional Engineers (P.E.), Certified Commissioning Professionals (C.C.P.), LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED A.P.) and other technical designations. We verify that each facility’s operating, maintenance, and program support requirements are met during construction and renovation.

With a unique understanding of systems design and operation, our team brings a high level of value and a proven reputation for the building commissioning process. Our advanced, web-based CxMS building commissioning management system contains best practices resulting from more than 300 design reviews for education facilities.

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Capital and Operating Efficiencies

• Maintain budget integrity by avoiding
unnecessary capital design and
construction costs

• Realize long-term success with
lower operating and energy costs

• Protect owner investment with a skilled
maintenance and operations staff

• Create a building environment with
improved occupant safety and comfort

A Smaller Environmental Footprint

• Assist in obtaining LEED certification
by the U.S. Green Building Council

• Improve fresh-air introduction for
occupant health and comfort

• Minimize greenhouse gas emissions
through energy efficient operation