Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions has demonstrated proven expertise in developing and implementing energy management programs that promote sustainability and conserve energy. Whether we’re working with educational, healthcare, or business and industry clients, we bring a customized approach based on the individual drivers of each organization.

As hands-on technical professionals, we guide businesses and institutions to optimize existing operations and we work to secure supply-side savings. Our energy team has managed over 150 energy programs, with energy and emission reductions ranging from 10-45%. With experience in troubleshooting and maintaining and optimizing energy-consuming systems (such as HVAC, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and building automation systems), we are flexible and knowledgeable enough to address new challenges that our clients face.

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Savings and Efficiencies

Reduce energy consumption and costs
through a self-funded program with
immediate and ongoing cash flow

Avoid capital expenditures for
unnecessary equipment

Develop a staff capable of identifying
and reducing waste and improving
system reliability

Reduced Environmental Footprint

Improve carbon footprint by reducing
greenhouse gas emissions

Engage entire community in
energy conservation practices