The Engineering and Asset Solutions (EAS) team is experiencing significant growth across the country, supporting clients from a variety of industries.  EAS is seeking talented engineering professionals that will help expand our brand and make the team stronger.  Please review the available positions for Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions by accessing the Job Posting links below:


Job ID 131481, Construction Project Manager, New York, NY, Project Management

Job ID 137678, Project Manager - Business and Industry-Facilities, Richardson, TX, Project Management

Job ID 145562, MEP Project Manager, New York, NY, Project Management

Job ID 100480, Retro-Commissioning/Controls Engineer, New York, NY, Commissioning

Job ID 134692, Facilities Assessment Project Manager, New York, NY, EAS Ops Support

Job ID 134693, Facilities Condition Assessor - Electrical, New York, NY, EAS Ops Support

Job ID, 134694, Facilities Condition Assessor - Mechanical, New York, NY, EAS Ops Support

Job ID, 146695, National Director, Construction, Philadelphia, PA, Facilities

Job ID, 146701, Director, Capital Program Management, Philadelphia, PA, Facilities


Contact EAS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with additional questions.



Our team is dedicated to implementing new and better approaches to today's technical challenges. By sharing our knowledge, we strive to expand our specialized technical expertise.

Sharing insights across disciplines and across project sites lends a collegial feel to our days. With a cadre of colleagues who have experience in everything from LEED certification to project delivery, we continue to learn from one another. Working at Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions means being part of a supremely talented group. The constant exposure to different systems and disparate fields helps us identify creative solutions to problems. We take pride in expanding our collective knowledge base, in challenging each other as we prepare for the next step in our careers.

There's a freedom here to grow at your own pace, to manage your projects in the way that benefits your clients, and to be entrepreneurial in your approach. At the same time, there's a structure that stems from a defined career management process, with a team of people working to make sure you receive both the challenge and the support it takes to thrive.

Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions invests in our technical professionals and we make sure that the right talent gets to the right places within our organization. You can expect to work with marquis clients and to experience significant growth as you demonstrate your capabilities. We have a system to identify potential and many opportunities to support your development along the way.



If you are energized by responsibility, appreciate opportunity, and thrive on developing solutions to operational challenges.

Whether technology and theory capture your interest or you excel in a more people-oriented role, you will find room for growth and opportunity here. Our resource sharing across energy, commissioning, project management, and strategic planning guarantees you more varied experiences and a clear picture of your choices. Aramark Corporation provides significant resources, stability, and room for growth, while Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions retains its unique identity and highly specialized talent base.

With Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions, you will work with exciting clients on signature projects involving energy management, building commissioning, project management and asset planning. As a continuously growing company, we offer high-energy employees the chance to take responsibility immediately, with the potential for incremental new responsibilities as you continue to build your career.