We have decades of experience
   advancing the interests of school districts

Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions understands what matters to school districts, whether it is the reduction of district operating costs, improvement of the overall operation of their buildings’ systems, or construction of a new school to support the growth of the district. It’s a responsibility that energizes us. We’re always seeking ways to save on overall costs, to optimize systems for reduced energy consumption, and to create solutions that fit the mission of the districts we serve.

We bring together a diversity of backgrounds in Energy Management, Capital Project Management, Building Commissioning, and Strategic Facility Planning. Our team of technical professionals seeks to understand what drives our clients as they increasingly take a more strategic look at their district needs. Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions delivers customized solutions and sustained results for each of our clients based on their diverse needs.

Benefits to Your School
With decades of experience advancing the interests of school districts, Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions takes on the role of collaborator. We will work with the school district to help build awareness in the community for the important work of energy conservation, project management, and building commissioning. As a team we will help your district flourish, by keeping the district’s construction and renovation projects manageable and the facilities operational and energy efficient.


What We Do
• We guide school districts to optimize existing operations and work to secure supply-side savings. Our team of experts in energy management have generated average consumption reductions of between 10% and 20% for our clients. With experience in troubleshooting, maintaining, and optimizing energy-consuming systems (such as HVAC, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and building automation systems), we have the flexibility and expertise to address new challenges that our clients face.

• With a unique understanding of systems design and operation, our team brings a high level of value and a proven reputation to the building commissioning process. Our advanced, web-based building commissioning management software contains best practices resulting from more than 200 design reviews for educational facilities.

• We bring a balanced design, engineering, construction, and operations perspective that allows us to identify potential challenges before they become roadblocks.

• We provide a credible resource to support the funding of facility reinvestment while also providing a strategy to address the highest priority needs. Our strategic facility planning services consist of the comprehensive identification and classification of outstanding facility needs as well as the development of strategic and financial planning tools to help districts utilize financial resources effectively and make informed, data driven decisions.